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 Our vision         

We are pleased to express to you our full willingness and readiness to cooperate with you in executing all projects according to the technical specifications you require, as well as our readiness to supply you with all your needs of materials, devices, equipment and furniture from the best known international origins hoping to participate with you in Iraq reconstruction campaign.

We are confident that you will find what we presented above is suitable to meet your needs and we look forward to the joint work for the future projects with you.


General Manager


 Hassanein Hoshi Khallaf


 A1 -Jawf  Activity  

-  Rating Company (construction first  level- electric first  level )
 Oil Services and General Transport: .Our company is one of the companies which possess the excellent experiences and efficiencies which make our company in the rank of large companies in addition to the youth cadres which aspire to put their hallmarks in the building of Iraq under the supervision of these having experience and efficiency. Our company possesses modern transport means and large modern vehicles which qualify us to complete with foreign companies from the aspect of performance and speed in completion.

The work of our company includes all transport works especially the transport of oil and its products inside and outside the country and in all kinds of transport from tracks, ships, trains and others.
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